Ramadi Physio and Neuro Rehab Center

Ramadi Physio

Neuro Rehab Center


Our Team

Dr. Mahmood Shaker Awad Al Falahi

Founder and Medical Director Ramadi Physio and Rehab Center, Dubai

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    Team of Physiotherapists with Specialized Backgrounds

    Mohammed Fahad Ali

    Manual therapist and Neuro rehabilitation Physiotherapist

    Shahzadi Gulam Nabi

    Musculoskeletal and sports injury Physiotherapist

    Sona Vinoop

    Pediatric Physiotherapist

    Narmin Ghazy

    Geriatrics and Women's health Physical therapist

    Rowa Mohamed

    Orthopedics and Ergonomics Physical therapist

    Hannah Salih

    Neurology Physiotherapist

    Support Team

    Ms. Raquel Rodriguez

    Occupational Therapist (Spain)

    Ms. Maribelle

    Nurse & Beautician (Philippines)

    Ms. Clarah

    Social Worker (South Africa)

    Mr. Ceasar

    Physiotherapist (Philippines)

    Dr. Sathya

    Physiotherapist (India)

    Ms. Wilma

    Physiotherapist (Philippines)

    Ms. Emarald

    Rehabilitation Nurse (Philippines)

    Mrs. Sona

    Physiotherapist (India)

    Ms. Kalyani

    Senior Physiotherapist (India)


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