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Our Objectives

In Ramadi Physio and Neuro Rehab Center, we look for the best Rehabilitation professionals to offer a premium service to our exclusive clients.

We are a Complete Team to address any type of therapy and rehabilitation process you need. Among our top-ranked professionals, you will have these professionals at your disposal:


Our main goal is to help our patients achieve a state of health that allows them to get back as much as possible to a 100% of their everyday lives, improving their health condition and performing a similar functioning to that before the musculoskeletal, neurological, or post-operative health defect occurred.

Besides our professional team, we also have a high-tech neurology lab with Electromyoneurography (EMG) and Encephalography (EEG), and provide ultrasonic bone density tests to our clients.

Altogether, our group will make sure that you receive the attention you deserve. These professionals are all headed and directed by a Physical Medicine & Rehab Specialist Doctor.

Ramadi Physio and Rehab Center is proudly the only Private Centre with a Physiatrist/Rehab Doctor in Dubai.

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