Ramadi Physio and Neuro Rehab Center

مركز عين رمادي بادارة طبيب متخصص بالطب الفيزيائ و تخطيط الأعصاب
مركز عين رمادي متخصص بعلاج و تأهيل الأمراض العصبية و تخطيط الأعصاب و العضلات
مركز عين رمادي يعالج جميع امراض المفاصل و الفقرات و العضلات كالاصابات الرياضية و الديسك بانواعه
مركز عين رمادي يعالج و يؤهل الأمراض العصبية كالشلل و التهاب الاعصاب و شلل عصب الوجه ( ابو بريك)
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Welcome to Ramadi Physio and Neuro Rehab Center, one of the best Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation center in Dubai. Looking for treating your Musculoskeletal, Neurological and postoperative Ortho Rehabilitation.

We know that pain management can be one of the most challenging problems in acute and chronic diseases and after surgical procedures. In Ramadi Physio and Neuro Rehab Center, you have all the technology, Physicians, and other Professionals to feel better and regain your health.

Who We Are?

In Ramadi Physio and Neuro Rehab Center, we look for the best Rehabilitation professionals to offer a premium service to our exclusive clients. We are a Complete Team to address any type of therapy and rehabilitation process you need. Among our top-ranked professionals, you will have these professionals at your disposal.

The Team

Dr. Mahmood Shaker Awad Al Falahi

Founder and Medical Director Ramadi Physio and Rehab Center, Dubai

Our Equipment

We do not only have the right professionals. We also have the right equipment for the most complete and high-tech rehab experience. In each of our three departments, you will find the best technology suited for your needs

Treatments and Services

Our treatments and services include

Doctor's Consultation

Basic consultation with a rehab specialist doctor to provide the workup for the upcoming rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

This is our specialty in Ramadi Physio and Rehab Center, and we have several tools and high-tech machines to achieve faster recovery from chronic conditions and post-surgical complications.

Neurological Lab / Nerve Conduction & Muscle Studies

Ramadi Physio and Rehab Center has a specialized neurology lab to meet our patients’ demands whenever they need any nerve conduction assessment.

Ultrasonic bone density test

Measuring bone density for the diagnosis of osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Diagnostic Lab

(EMG) Electromyography and nerve conduction studies - EBneuro (Italy)

Sometimes, it is essential to have a clear view of the electrical impulses of a weakened muscle. That is why we have this machine in our neurology lab.

Ultrasound Bone Density Measuring Machine

A specialized machine to perform a bone density test.

Most expert in Treating Disc Prolapse Conservatively


Our rehabilitation and physiotherapy center focus on 5 different types of patients:

Accepted Insurance


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